Intercultural Skills Test


  1. Seniority
  2. In which country is it a must to greet the oldest, most senior person of a group first and to line up according to
    seniority during group introductions?


  3. Negative feedback
  4. Which of the following countries is the most and least direct when it comes to giving negative feedback? Please
    number them from 1 to 5, 1 being the most direct and 5 being the most indirect:

    Italy         England         Germany         France         China

  5. Reasoning
  6. The way people reason varies considerably based on their cultural background. Some cultures are more inductive,
    e.g. when presenting their point, others tend to be more deductive. This deeply rooted way of thinking manifests itself
    in many areas such as holding a presentation.
    Characterize the following nations with regard to their reasoning:

    Inductive: go from the result                               Deductive: lead to the result

    Canada       UK       France       Sweden

  7. Comfort with silence
  8. In some cultures silence is a form of respect, others see it as part of the communication process, some cultures feel
    very uncomfortable in silence and try to avoid it, e.g. by doing smalltalk. Do the same exercise as in no. 3, now with regard to a culture’s comfort with silence.

    India     Germany     U.S.A.     Japan

  9. Time
  10. 5.1

    The strife for ongoing progress, when accompanied by the philisophical importance of capitalism, results in such views
    as “time is money”. Which of the following countries does this saying come from and still form the basis of their daily motivations?



    Some cultures tend to be more monochronic, some polychronic. In monochronic cultures time moves linearly, people
    deal with one thing at a time, scheduling is important, and people do not want to be interrupted. In polychronic cultures
    it is seen more natural for many things to happen at once. People do not feel compelled to always be on schedule, interruptions are taken in stride.

    Characterize the following cultures with regard to their time orientation.

    Switzerland     Italy     France

    UK     U.S.A     Germany

  11. Body Language
  12. 6.1

    In which country is it considered vulgar if you blow your nose in a handkerchief and then return it to your pocket?



    In which country is it considered impolite to put your hands in your pockets while talking to someone?